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Block Paving – Why You Need It And Why Choose Us
Most people use cement or asphalt to cover their outdoor spaces. However, if you want something that’s out of the ordinary and eye-catching, then block paving is an excellent option. So what makes it better, and why would you choose us to be your block paving installers?
Read on to find out.

Why Block Paving?
Visually appealing – when compared to cement or asphalt, more people would consider block paving as more attractive and beautiful. This also means that it can improve the curb appeal of your home.
Easier remedial work – block paving is a lot easier to repair in case it needs one. You can simply lift out and replace the chipped, stained, or damaged blocks. There’s no “patch effect” with block paving. Thus, there’s no need to repair or replace the entire area. You just need to fix a section that needs attention.
Better weight distribution – because block paving typically makes use of interlocking design, this means that the weight is distributed downwards and sideways. As a result, it can accommodate a heavier load compared to other outdoor surfaces.
Durable – the primary material that’s used for block paving is very durable and resilient. It’s not affected by most chemicals, oils, salts, and frosts. On top of that, it lasts longer than other outdoor surfaces.
Versatile – the beauty of block paving is that it’s very easy to customise to better fit your taste. There are different block colours and patterns to choose from. Furthermore, blocks can be laid in almost any condition.

Why Choose Us

Experienced – we are a block paving contractor that’s been serving Surrey for many years. Thus, we have accrued valuable experience when it comes to block paving. Experience makes everything go smoother, help you avoid future headaches, and help you save resources.
Best materials – when we are doing block paving for you, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality materials. In under no circumstance that we’ll use lower-grade materials to fatten the bottom line. Not only that’s unethical, but it can also pose many potential problems.
Building regulations – as we have been serving Surrey for many years, we already know the regulations that need to be followed. Not knowing these regulations may result in costly situations such as fines, penalties, or reconstruction orders.

Excellent customer service – we know that a block paving job can be disruptive to the daily routines of the users. Its the reason why we do everything to appease our clients. Any questions, inquiries, or concerns you may have, you can be sure that we are ready to accommodate you.
Fully Insured – because of the heavy equipment and materials, block paving can be a dangerous job. It’s the reason why its imperative that you deal with fully insured block paving contractors in Surrey. Otherwise, you may be required to pay for legal or medical bills in case accidents happen on your premises.

Bottom Line
More and more clients are opting for block paving for plenty of reasons such as more attractive, higher load capacity, and easier to repair to name a few. If you want to know more about block paving or your thinking of getting an estimate, feel free to contact us right now to get a free quote.

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